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How to choose the best powder coating

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How to choose the best powder coating
Latest company news about How to choose the best powder coating

When a lot of people are buying powder coating, because do not have relevant professional knowledge, so often can buy the coating with inferior quality price high, today we arranged 5 small skill to facilitate us to choose, prevent to buy the product with inferior quality.


The skill of powder coating of choose and buy is much ask, when choose and buy, you want to combine the actual situation of oneself house above all and decide, from quality assurance to serve want comprehensive ask clear.Find out if the product you're selling is what you need.


The 2nd is to see, let's distinguish powder coating from intuitionistic first, good powder coating it has the advantage of transparency taller, glossiness brighter.Some powder coating manufacturer will add filler to progress to the powder coating in the strength of the powder coating and maintenance function, lower cost of packing is a kind of coating, the type of packing is more, such as powder coatings are often used with barium sulfate, barite powder, calcium carbonate, talc, mica powder, quartz powder, etc.Different fillers have different functional advantages, which can help to improve the function of powder coating, so that powder coating can play a better advantage.Packing is insoluble in water may be some organic solvents, general packing is a good dispersion of information, will not contain any impurities.As a filler is required to be able to withstand acid and base, such filler mixed in powder coating ability to better enhance the function of powder coating.The third is to touch, good powder coating solid content is high, feel delicate and smooth, and incomplete coating because of solid content is low, although besmear brushes many times still feel paint film crisp thin, and the paint that contains magazine still can have remarkable grain feeling.Zhuolong plastic powder in this respect are very perfect, the company's original data are imported from abroad, and in the production process of continuous inspection and improvement, to ensure that you have an outstanding role in painting.The 4th is to smell, if you smell the peculiar smell that has acrid nose that is incomplete lacquer, on the contrary environmental protection coating, smell is thick colourful dinkum.If zhuolong brand powder coating is from the development, production is the choice of the world's advanced clean taste skills, do not add flavor, fast clean taste, let you get rid of peculiar smell trouble, in the comprehensive solution of home problems at the same time.Easy invention of health and environmental protection of the natural pure space;The 5th is delimit, with toothpick perhaps fingernail wait for hard thing to cut together delimit lacquer film, good powder coating hardness is high, resistance to delimit sex is good, not easy to scratch delimit, and the powder coating with low hardness can present apparent fine Nick, affect wall body beautiful.

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