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Does fumed silica powder have harm to human body?

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Does fumed silica powder have harm to human body?

It is necessary to know the basic situation of fumed silica powder

1, its composition:fumed silica powder is the composition of silica, non-toxic, tasteless.There is no radiation

2, fumed silica powder molecular particles are larger, generally with a protective mask can be.fumed silica powder main harm to the human body: some occasions, we need to pay attention to the prevention and control of white carbon black dust, inhalation of too muchfumed silica powder dust, may cause black carbon pneumoconiosis.


Excessive inhalation of silica can cause black carbon pneumoconiosis, what is black carbon pneumoconiosis?

Although the production has been closed, automation, but dust flying phenomenon still exists.Therefore, workers who produce and use black carbon are likely to develop black carbon pneumoconiosis, with the shortest working age of 15 years and the longest working age of more than 25 years, with slight clinical symptoms and slow progress, which generally do not affect their labor ability.Long-term inhalation of black carbon dust caused by pneumoconiosis.Carbon black is basically qualitative the carbon that flies easily ends.Carbon black pneumoconiosis has been listed as occupational disease in China.The main pathological changes were that both lungs were obviously black, and the whole lung had isolated or clusters of small black nodules along the bronchioles and small blood vessels, with irregular distribution.The surrounding nodules show focal emphysema with thickened pleura and adhesion.X-ray chest film is the main manifestation of increased lung texture, accompanied by fine mesh and fine nodule shadow, the condition progress of coarse mesh increased, often combined with emphysema, at present, the lack of treatment for pneumoconiosis in the world, suffering from pneumoconiosis is equivalent to sentenced to death.Personally think: white carbon black damage to the human body, and the length of time has a great relationship.Short-term damage to the body is limited and can be recovered to some extent (but inhaled particles are hard to get out of the body);For a long time, the damage to the human body is very big, and is not able to recover.Inhaling large amounts of black carbon dust can cause at least one type of occupational disease, black carbon pneumoconiosis.Pneumoconiosis in China includes: silicosis, coal pneumoconiosis, graphite pneumoconiosis, carbon black pneumoconiosis, asbestosis, talc pneumoconiosis, cement pneumoconiosis, mica pneumoconiosis, ceramics pneumoconiosis, aluminum pneumoconiosis, welding pneumoconiosis, cast pneumoconiosis, etc.)!China has as many pneumoconiosis patients as the rest of the world combined.According to authorities, "black carbon pneumoconiosis...The treatment.In view of the black carbon dust...And other mixed pneumoconiosis harm to people, the relevant departments are studying.At present the retiree pay that suffers from these ill worker is still difficult to make unified regulation, each enterprise can lose the specific case of labor ability according to its, be in commonly below the retiree pay standard principle that suffers silicosis worker is handled as appropriate."

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