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Recycling of powder coatings

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Recycling of powder coatings


What are the benefits of powder paint recycling?

The greatest crisis facing human beings is capital, and human wars from ancient to modern times are caused by capital.The capital of the earth is limited, and the increasingly serious international situation is also due to the gradual reduction of capital, resulting in constant conflicts between countries due to various kinds of capital, and the deterioration of relations.


Powder coating recycling although only to recover powder coating, electrostatic spraying waste powder, plastic powder and some other powder materials can be recovered, but after all also belongs to a capital recovery reuse way, for powder coating manufacturers, has an important meaning. The recovery of capital is a benefit to the country and the people, is also a great event, not only cut the economic loss of users, but also promote the development of powder coating manufacturers themselves, more important is to expand the utilization rate of capital, constitute a virtuous cycle. While the powder coating is beneficial to the environment, the dust pollution caused by the poor recovery equipment has a bad influence on the small environment of the spraying area.As the recovery effect of powder coating equipment is still in a state of shortage, the powder spraying scene is always the dust diffuse working environment and unkempt operation workers.


Powder coatings are recycled in form


Spraying equipment sources, the use of the recovery principle is not the same.And with the grafting of various forms of equipment, fusion, derivation and other variations, all kinds of equipment seen, the recovery effect varies.The general trend is that the recovery effect of expensive imported equipment is good, while that of many brands of cheap small equipment is poor.However, the amount of these small equipment is the most, the impact on the painting is more extensive, more representative of the level of painting. Common recovery methods: filter element recovery + ultimate filter;Filter element recovery + direct discharge;Big cyclone + filter element combination;Combination of small cyclone and filter element;Cyclone recovery + cloth bag filtration, etc.

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