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To understand the characteristics and application of thickener

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To understand the characteristics and application of thickener
Latest company news about To understand the characteristics and application of thickener

Thickening is the process of separating solid particles suspended in a liquid into a thick slurry and separating it from the liquid, which is called thickening, also known as precipitation concentration or sedimentation concentration. The coating thickener is a cross-linked polymer emulsion thickener containing an acidic group. When neutralized with water and diluted with a base, the latex particles rapidly expand, and under such conditions, the emulsion will become clear. It is very viscous. The coating thickener can effectively improve the low shear viscosity and make the coating system have higher pseudoplasticity.

The coating prepared by using the coating thickener as the main thickener has a higher yield value and a gel structure, and the structure will be expressed after the shear force disappears, so the coating thickener is suitable for the preparation of a moderate three-dimensional pattern effect. Paint. Coating thickeners also reduce roll splattering compared to high molecular weight cellulosic thickeners. Because it does not contain cellulose, the anti-microbial and enzyme invasive ability is very high, so the viscosity of the coating can be stable for a long time.
Emulsified asphalt thickener A hydrophobically modified nonionic polyurethane associative thickener. It not only has excellent thickening effect, but also has a thickening system with leveling and fluidity, and is widely used in various aqueous systems such as latex paints and adhesives.

About the characteristics of thickeners:
1. Excellent brushing feel, excellent resistance to roll spray, water resistance and alkali resistance.
2, excellent flow, leveling performance and hiding effect does not affect the gloss characteristics of the film.
3, no harm and no smell, use assured, do not increase the organic volatile content of water-based latex paint.
Emulsified asphalt thickener is widely used in emulsified asphalt, various latex paints, adhesives and other aqueous systems, especially various interior and exterior wall waterborne architectural coatings, waterborne industrial paints (such as wood, furniture and metal paint), water-based inks. , emulsified asphalt, water-based binders and petrochemical water treatment systems.


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