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What does the additive in coating have to use?

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What does the additive in coating have to use?

Additive in coating, it is to improve coating appearance, the auxiliary raw material such as performance.The choice of resin and raw materials has determined the performance of the coating, coating additives are more to supplement the role of details.According to the need will be designed in the formula, play multiplication effect.Therefore, whether the selection of additives and skilled use of paint design formula is also the key.


According to different production, storage and coating, additives can be divided into four categories:

The first is the production of the role of additives, mainly abrasive dispersant, it can make the pigment easy to sand in the resin slurry, prevent condensation and change during the passage.

The second kind is the additive that ACTS when storing, basically prevent precipitant, it can prevent pigment to precipitate.


The third is the coating of the role of additives.

For example, foam remover: leave no trace of foam, easy to disappear.


Flow hanging agent: to prevent coating flow hanging.


Color separation prevention agent: prevent painting color difference.


Smoothing agent: to smooth the surface.


Hardening agent: speed up the hardening reaction, make it completely hardened.


Shrinkage cavity inhibitor: to prevent shrinkage cavity.


The fourth kind is to besmear after coating film beneficial additive


For example, uv absorbers: increase resistance to uv rays.

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